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Miss Atomic Bomb ([personal profile] missatomicbomb) wrote2012-11-05 09:56 pm

How D'You Do and Shake Hands, Shake Hands, Shake Hands...

Hello! I am the artist formerly known as [REDACTED], and this is my new playground. I was tired of living in a house. Did anybody but me read that as a child? It's a delightful picture book about a group of children who decided that they were tired of living in a house. So they set out to find a new place to live. They try a cave, a boat, a tree, a few other things. It never works out for them and they ultimately end up going back to live in their house.

I'm not totally abandoning my house. I'm merely turning myself into a merry wanderer of the night. Why? There are Klingons on the starboard bow Russians in what used to be my house, and it's no longer very friendly over there. So I'm packing up and moving. Among the primary group of friends that I still have over at Ell Jay, I am the first to abandon ship. Well. I am KIND OF abandoning ship. I already have a DW account under my old handle. I just liked this handle better.

I really like the Killers, in case you couldn't tell.

So! You may be wondering, "Just who ARE you, Miss Atomic Bomb?" (probably not)

In no particular order...

Browncoat. Slytherclaw. Gentleman Bastard. Beloved child of tricksters and scholars (but mostly tricksters). Storyteller. Badass-cookie crafter. Devoted wife and mimmy (not a typo - also, my children have twelve paws and three tails between them).